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Cruise Confidential by Brian David Bruns

cruise confidentialAt last! “Cruise Confidential” is a book by an author who happened to work on a cruise ship, not a cruise ship ex-employee who happened to write a book!

I was endlessly entertained throughout Mr Bruns’ voyages of self-discovery and self-deprecation as he followed his sweetheart into the cruise ship industry. Little did he realize the difficulties of continuing a relationship under the stresses of life on board a ship together, or the strain of separation while on different postings. The book gives a humorous insight into the life of the crew-members and a behind-the-scenes look at life on board, where the politics, battles and friendships of the corporate world are amplified in the self-contained domain of a ship. Engrossed in the tale, I am torn between ultimately wanting the writer finding happiness with Bianca, whilst believing that she is clearly not good enough for him and wishing he would find someone else.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and laughed out loud in places. I already have a couple more of Mr Bruns’ books lined up to read including the next installment, “Ship for Brains.”

Nook readers may also be interested in this free short story available for download on

The Monkey and the Dame – Brian David Bruns


Below the Waterline by Stephen Barber

below the waterlineLuckily I read this book before I read “Cruise Confidential” otherwise I would have been very disappointed. However, it was much better than some other cruise ship tales I have read.

The author spent some time as a DJ on various cruise ships although he didn’t seem to be able to hold down a job for more than a few weeks. The book explored his relationship with his parents as he tried to make his own way in life instead of joining the company business, even though this left him broke and destitute at times. There are some sex and drug use references throughout, but that is probably to be expected from a novel by a man in his twenties. Overall, not a bad read.

If anyone would like me to “Lend” the Nook version of Below the Waterline, please contact me at


Cruise Crazy: The Cruise Addict’s Survival Guide by Bob Mick

cruise crazyAlthough I loved the idea of this book, it actually turned out to be more of an encyclopedia of comedic cruise terminology than a novel, so that made it hard for me to read.  To be honest, I only skim-read parts of it because, although fun, it didn’t really capture my interest.  I am a self-confessed cruise addict and could relate to some of the terms, but it wasn’t really my kind of humor.  Perhaps it is just that the truth hurts!


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