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Fun Cruise Reads, Part 5

Murder on a Ghost Ship

by Diane Rapp

ghost ship

A ghost, a murder and a smuggling ring are at the center of this fast-paced cruise novel.

I received my free copy as part of a Goodreads giveaway and purchased the first in the series, Murder-Caribbean Style, to read first.  You could read this on its own but I enjoyed the character-development in the first book.

In the second of the High Seas Mystery series from Diane Rapp, the main character, Kayla, finds herself called on for help from her friend who has just bought a cruise ship.  The catch is that the ship turns out to be haunted.  To help the ghost pass to the other side, Kayla and her friends must find the ghost’s murderer.  I have to admit I knew ‘whodunnit’ fairly early on, but it was still a great read, figuring out if I was right.

In this second novel, there was less travel-guide and more mystery than in the first, and the addition of the supernatural angle made it very different from anything I would normally read.

A little supernatural with a cruise-theme and part-island travel guide made this a great vacation read – so I left my copy in an Hawaii-Australia-bound ship’s library for others to enjoy while they are cruising.  If you found it, you’ll have to drop me a line.


Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders

by Robert Thornhill

lady justice

This was a fun murder/mystery with a treasure hunt thrown in, set on an Alaskan cruise and the ports they visited. The book contained some interesting Alaskan history concerning the gold rush and had some likeable, if not somewhat aging, characters.  Although I haven’t read any of the other books in the series, I didn’t feel as if I’d missed anything. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it for a lighthearted cruise read.


One Hell of a Cruise

by Michelle Ann Hollstein

one hell of a cruiseI’m not even sure whether I enjoyed this book or not.  I actually thought it might be quite gruesome from the title, but was completely wrong.  Aggie, the main character, is supposed to be something of an amateur sleuth, although there really wasn’t much sleuthing until closer to the end of the book.  Perhaps the build-up was just too long, but I found it to be a bit slow until the last 25% of the story.

Basically a group of friends and acquaintances go on a cruise together, and much of the story is interaction between them and people they have met on board.  Although there are three suspicious characters travelling together, it is hard to tell what kind of mystery is to be solved, so I wasn’t pulled into the story.  Overall, it had a reasonable ending but perhaps needed a few more clues along the way to get you to participate and not just read.


Hearts That Survive

by Yvonne Lehman

hearts that surviveA beautiful story surrounding the Titanic disaster, the lives lost and the love and family found.  Following the main character, Lydia, the story is interwoven with those connected to her through friendship and tragedy.  While the Titanic’s maiden voyage was key to the tale, much of the story took place after the survivors arrived in New York and involved the lesser-known assistance provided by the people of Nova Scotia.

I loved some of the characters, their complicated relationships, and how the story crossed generations.  This is one of the better Titanic stories I have read and, I almost never do this but, I would read it again.

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