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Fun Cruise Reads, part 3

Ship for Brains

Brian David Bruns

ship for brainsIn the second installment of Brian David Bruns’ cruise ship trilogy, he begins his career as an art auctioneer.  We follow his journey through his training, promotion to art associate and culminating with the achievement of his objective: to get his own ship assignment.  This journey, at times appearing to be brutally painful and inhumane, is all in pursuit of his Bianca.  There was very little interaction with Bianca in this book so I am still at a loss to understand why he is so drawn to this woman (but I find that all is revealed while reading his third book, The Unsinkable Mister Brown).

There was so much I didn’t enjoy about this book, but it was not the quality of writing, or even the storytelling; it was the treatment he endured and the nasty cast of characters speckled throughout, leaving little room for the usual spattering of humor.  However, one of the highlights for me was the Gregg family, especially the family excursion.  I wished more of the book was like that, with endearing characters and non-sex-related cruise experiences, but then it wouldn’t have demonstrated what he went through to achieve his ultimate goal.


Cruise Ship S.O.S

Ben MacFarlane

cruise ship sosThis time, a British doctor’s perspective of an around-the-world cruise.  There were some interesting characters peppered throughout although, being a ‘worldie,’ most of the travelers were old-fashioned British gentry and not the usual passengers we meet on a typical Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise.

I thought this book was really well written, and the credits at the end confirmed the assistance of a ghost writer, making it easy and entertaining to read, more like a novel than a collection of disjointed events that you often get with people writing about their own experiences.


When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It’s Time To Go Home

Erma Bombeck

Inpassport photo true Erma Bombeck-style, we take a look at the humorous side of travel.  Some parts were laugh-out-loud funny and I really enjoyed relating her experiences to my own.  There are a couple of cruises thrown in for good measure, giving a light and easy read; perfect for a vacation.

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